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(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Reify is a marketing consultancy that myself and Michael Bernstein started just over five years ago to help companies sell more software. In our first six years we worked with 100+ clients and most importantly, continue to love our work, our clients, and the lifestyle running a consultancy has provided. Onward!

Riding bikes is really fun, and I try to be outside on two wheels whenever possible. This site will likely capture lots of musings about bikes, rides, and many of the posts here benefit from the clarity that comes from ruminating on ideas while suffering up hills. I'm also an assistant coach for the Archie Williams High School Mountain Bike team where my oldest is racing Junior Varsity.

I woke up one morning mid-November '21 with an awful feeling in my neck. I eventually discovered that I have a bulged disc at C5, which is pinching one of the thoracic nerves that runs all the way down my right (dominant) arm. This was a wake-up call that reminded me that I can't only cycle my way to better fitness and I need to prioritize health above all else. There will surely be lots of musings about fitness and nutrition on this site, but this event was the most recent provocation that reminds me what can be lost with mobility issues.

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